Practical photography courses in Sydney run by professional photographers for DSLR or smartphone camera owners.








I had a wonderful time in Sydney and it’s largely motivated by your photography tour. I did more “homework” yesterday from the hotel window trying to capture the lightning… and more long exposures of the Sydney Harbour… I never liked my tripod so much!

What I’m trying to say is that you are a real good teacher, Terry. You taught us the principle of long exposure photography and enabled us to utilize the same formula for shooting different scenery.

I will carry on the enthusiasm back home.


Photography short courses

Learn how to use your DSLR or Smartphone camera.

Picture Me offers a range of photography courses in Sydney that have been crafted by professional photographers. You can learn how to take incredible photos with your DSLR or Smartphone camera.


Small groups, no classrooms

Stunning outdoor locations with practical photography tips

We don’t run our photography courses in a classroom, instead we take out outside to enjoy some fresh area and learn practical photography tips with real life scenery.


Night & Waterfall Options

Learn advanced photography techniques & skills

We can help you push your skill levels with options for learning about sunset, night time or even waterfall photography. Our courses or photography tours give you plenty of options to broaden your skills.


Run by pro photographers

Learn from photographers with 30+ yrs industry experience

Rather than watch videos or sit in a classroom you can spend time with an experienced professional photographer with many years of industry experience.


Photography courses for all skill levels

Created by professional photographers.

Our photography courses are run by experienced professional photographers who can help you learn about night time photography, how to take great travel photos, working out the best way to take photos of water or even quick creative photography techniques. It suits someone that wants DSLR 101 lessons for Canon or Nikon.
If you are a beginner and want to learn more about photography but don’t have the confidence then a Picture Me photography courses is a perfect choice. Rather than learning by reading text books or listening to online videos we run practical classes that are outdoors where you mix theory with actual practice with a professional trainer. It is the best way to learn how to take great photos with your mobile phone or DSLR camera.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of photography courses in Sydney?

There are lots of different types of photography courses to choose from in Sydney and they include ones that are in a classroom environment with a teacher and maybe 30 or 40 people. There are others that are run by studios with small groups for 8 weeks or longer and cost $395 or more.


Picture Me provides affordable photography courses in Sydney which are run outdoors and in practical situations. So for example we will be on a location like Sydney Harbour and will learn by taking photos as we walk and explore the city. With our small groups it means you learn a lot more on our photography course & get to apply your knowledge to real examples rather than read text in a book.


What camera should you buy for a photography course in Sydney?

You don’t need to buy a camera for a photography course because Picture Me will teach you how to use your own Canon or Nikon DSLR or even your smartphone. We will teach you the techniques to take great photos with tips on everything from composition to other manual settings to take great photos. 


Picture Me offers one of the best photography courses in Sydney that is great for beginners.

What do you need for a photography course?

You don’t need anything specific for a photography course other than a camera and an open mind. Picture Me has lots of experience helping people with their photography lessons whether you are trying to learn about travel photography or product photos for your business.


What software do you need for a photography course?

This will depend what you intend doing with your photos. For many people they will use software products like Adobe Lightroom to manage their photos and do basic editing. For smartphone users there are hundreds of apps available on IOS or Android.

What do you need to know before attending a photography course?

The range of Picture Me photography courses have been designed by professional photographers in Sydney and instead of taking photography classes online or in a big group inside a lecture room you get to be outside learning photography in a practical, fun way. 


This means that you don’t really need to know anything before starting one of the Picture Me photography courses other than a desire to take great photos.


Where can you do a course in digital photography?

The Picture Me photography courses can teach you the basics about digital photography through to our DSLR Master Class where we explain the more advanced features of using a Canon or Nikon SLR camera.

Is a photography class a good thing to do in Sydney in summertime?

Our photography classes are an ideal way to soak up the sunshine, enjoy the fresh air and meet new, interesting people. Our crafted photography classes are an ideal way for you to improve your camera skills and knowledge. Picture Me Sydney has photography courses suitable for beginner or advanced photographers. In summer our night photography class will start later so we can capture the sunset and night sky.

DSLR photogrpahy lessons for beginners Canon or Nikon?

Picture Me can provide lessons on how to learn about using your Canon or Nikon DSLR in Sydney. Our DSLR photography course provides step by step tips during our practical outdoor small group classes to learn the basics through to more advanced techniques using Manual settings like Aperture or Shutter Priority.


How much does it cost to do a photography course?

Photography courses in Sydney can be as cheap as $50 or quite expensive for a Degree in Photography costing $10,000 or more. The Picture Me photography courses have been created to provide practical, hands-on, tips and hints for using your DSLR or smartphone camera quickly and easily to take amazing photos.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of our booking?

The weather adds texture to our day and can change quickly. We respect your time and desire to attend but also want to ensure that our outdoor experience is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. If the weather or environment precludes an enjoyable day, we will contact you as soon as practical. Picture Me Sydney cannot be held liable for any third party costs incurred by you if our experience is cancelled.  Attendees will be offered an alternate date. If a date is not suitable we will offer a full refund.

What do I need to bring along?

Good walking shoes, hat and sunscreen for any tour or class. We also recommend you bring a pen, fully charged camera battery and a clean memory card.

Can I bring luggage along on a day tour?

Due to the small size of our touring vehicles, we do not have space to store luggage on board. We recommend that our guests travel with a light small day pack, as it will rest on your lap throughout the duration of the tour. Luggage can be stored at your hotel or Smart Carte Storage is located near our Central or Clocktower pickup – contact them (02) 9247 1709 about storage options prior to tour.


What is actually included in each tour or course?


We detail what is or is not included upon booking. Please read our communications or contact us for more detail.

Can I bring my child or an extra person?

We do not accept children younger than 15 and all under 18 attending must be in the company of a paying parent or guardian. We cannot allow anyone to bring additional persons without paying for that person. It is essential that we are aware of all guests attending. 

All traveling persons must have a separate seat allocated for their use. 

Carrying an infant on one’s lap or having them occupy space in the aisle is not permitted. If there are no seats available for any undisclosed party to occupy, the entire traveling party may be denied the opportunity to travel and will forfeit their fares. We allow children under 15 on a private booking only.

What are the health and fitness levels required?

Our tours and classes will require a reasonable amount of walking. This will often include stairs, uneven surfaces or bush terrain. It is not suitable for people with back or joint problems, pregnant women or children. We detail the amount of walking and fitness level in each of our experiences. Please contact us to discuss further.

Is parking and transport easy to access?

We have chosen convenient locations with a ready made backdrop for you to take photos. Parking is not included but numerous car parking stations are available nearby. We have two different meet points so please check your booking for details.


What if I am running late?

We have a packed program so please be prompt and ready at the agreed time and meet point.  We appreciate some unforeseen circumstances may occur so please contact us via phone and we will do our best to accommodate you. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who causes unnecessary departure delays. Please also read our Cancellation Policy.

What if I get sick or an injury stops me attending?

We understand some guests may become ill before their tour but we are not in a position to absorb loss of revenue when guests are unable to join our tours or classes at short notice.

We strongly recommend all guests to take out travel insurance to help cover costs associated with situations such as this. Where required, we are happy to provide a letter for your insurer, to assist you in making a claim.


What are the food selections?

Tours that include a meal will have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Guests MUST advise us three days prior to the tour day.

What are the cancellation policies for a booking?

You can reschedule your attendance with not less than three days’ notice to another date, subject to availability without penalty. If you reschedule with less than three days’ notice and choose an alternate available date, a rebooking fee of $50 applies. There are no refunds available if you cancel a booking with less than 72 hours notice. Please email us with your original booking and preferred new date. We will send a confirmation of that request within 24 hours.


Picture Me Sydney reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an event due to weather or other circumstance. A full refund is available if alternate dates are not suitable. Picture Me Sydney limits its group size and commits itself to resources and personnel in advance. Those who do not attend are not eligible for any refund and are liable for the full cost for attendance at that event.

Can I arrange hotel pick up and drop off?

This is included in any private tour booking. It may be available by special request for all other bookings. Sydney is a busy and congested city so we will limit this availability. Please enquire with us before making a booking as additional fees will apply.

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