You can hire the biggest photo booth wall in Sydney for your event, party or fund raising activities.









We make event photography fun and simple with our awesome photo booth

Picture Me Sydney offers a maxi photo booth wall. This is a bigger, better photo booth solution; more people in the photo and more fun. We are pioneers of onsite instant printing and photo booth services. Picture Me has designed and delivered onsite photo solutions since 1996 and shared in many great celebrations.


You do not need to squeeze into some small booth with only one or two friends with our solution. Our setup allows for large groups and full length body shots for all those formal and glamorous events. Each photo is captured by a professional photographer who will snap those great candid, fun moments….no cheesy, fake smiles with us, just a genuine, professional result.


Our system allows for real time image upload for social share. It is a great experiential marketing tool and you collect a new database to connect and share your corporate message.


Why is the Picture Me photo booth rental in Sydney so amazing?

Terry Rogan is an experienced photographer who has been in the industry for over 30 years and he has designed Picture Me’s maxi sized photo booth based on his knowledge of photography studio set ups. You are basically hiring a commercial set up to take incredible photos at your event. Plus there is the added benefit of getting access to the onsite photo printing capabilities making the solution perfect for fund raising or events.

All we need is a minimum 4 x 4 metre area and we will take care of the rest, our photographer can even rove around your event to take extra photos.

What type of events can our photo booth be used for?

Photo booth hire pricing

Our photo booth hire is available for a minimum 3 hour service from $880 inc gst.

When you are getting quotes from the various photo booth hire services these are the main questions you should be asking to compare them;

Do you offer 6×4 inch (10x15cm) standard photos? 
A lot of photo booth hire services will only provide small postage stamp or passport size photos. Picture Me offers;
  – standard size photos with every service
  – the option to have the original photos
  – the option to have larger prints made

How many people can you get in one photo? 
Some photo booth hire services can only cater to 3 or 4 people at a time with everyone squashed in trying to get into the photo. The Picture Me photo booth hire is a large wall that provides plenty of space for everyone to get into the photo.We have taken photos of 16+ people!

Is the attendant a professional photographer? 
Picture Me provides a professional photographer with our photo booth hire and that person can also take other photos during the night as an option.

Can you take photos of speeches etc from the main area and then print them on your photo booth? 
The unique Picture Me photo booth hire solution gives you the flexibility to have photos taken at other parts of your event and then print them on our photo printers.

Let us customise a photo booth hire package to suit your requirements

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Frequently asked questions about photo booth hire in Sydney

Can I do my own photo booth?

You could attempt to create your own photo booth, what you need is a digital SLR camera, tripod, flash equipment and someone who can press the button on the camera. Although if you want to give prints to your guests you will also need a computer and printer.


The benefit of a Picture Me photo booth hire service is we take care of all of that & you don’t need to worry about a thing. We have everything set up with professional equipment ready to take and print photos for you & your guests.


Are photo booths worth it?

There are three reasons why photo booths are worth it. A photo booth or our photo wall creates atmosphere and is a great ice breaker at an event. They are part of the entertainment of the night as people let go and let their true personality shine. Finally nothing beats a photo with your friends or family that can be displayed at home.

What can I use instead of a photo booth?

You can use a photographer to move around and take photos or simply setup your own digital camera on a tripod with flash. Although typically the quality of the photos aren’t as good due to poor lighting and you’ll still need a backdrop etc while there also won’t be any printing solution.

How do you make a selfie frame at home?

Visit your local arts & crafts store and buy some board and paints. It needs to be about 1200mm wide and 900m high. Recommend a 300 mm thick edge from the border and cut out your centerpiece from there. Be sure to add your message or #hashtag.

How do you make a selfie frame at home?

Visit your local arts & crafts store and buy some thick board and paints. Be sure to add your message or #hashtag. It needs to be about 1200mm wide and 900m high. Recommend a 300 mm thick edge from the bottom and top border and 150mm on each side. Cut out your centerpiece with a metal ruler and sharp blade from there.

How do you make a frame for Instagram?

The most popular instagram format is a square photo. There are also some amazing apps and edit tools available for you to personalize your message.

What size is a photo booth frame?

The standard selfie frames are available in 3 sizes: A1 (594 x 841 mm), A2 (420 x 594 mm) and A0 (841 x 1189 mm) and can be fully personalised with the photo and details of your choice!

What photo booth hire packages are available?

A minimum of 4 hours to many days at events and fairs. The minimum package will always include the setup, system and one operator with unlimited photos. Most suppliers will include some props but charge extra for backdrops or elaborate theme setups.

What is an instant photo booth?

Most photo booths are an automated photo capture and print solution. The photos are passport size. Picture Me Sydney can print photos upto A4.

What is portable photo booth hire?

The components are usually a camera, computer and printer. They can be designed in one modular design or separate connected components.

Is cheap photo booth hire a good idea?

There is a lot more to a good photo booth than just low price. Think about the camera quality, printer output, props and lighting. Your moment happens only once so you want the photos to last as long as possible.

What is open air photo booth hire in Sydney?

Many corporate promotions, fairs and events are outdoors. Picture Me Sydney photo booths are perfect to deal with the changing, light, angle of the sun and the environment. Any photo booth will need 240 power or a generator nearby to work correctly.

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