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I went on this tour last July, I had to take a moment to HIGHLY recommend this tour, or any with Terry for that fact!

In my trip to Sydney, this Blue Mountains tour was by far one of the BEST, if not the best experience I had while there.

From the friendly, small group environment (which is a lovely way to make some new friends, and I found to be so fun!), to Terry's promptness (he showed up at my hotel right on time, with a smile, even AFTER I had booked the tour quite last minute!), to his thoughtfulness and knowledge (especially of photography!

This is a huge bonus, and I left with the most incredible photos from the day) as well as the incredible opportunity to learn so much from Terry about general information/Australia, truly made for a day I will likely not ever forget.

No other tour I have been on anywhere in the world gave me the anything near the quality of this enriching, personalized experience I got with Terry
Niki - USA
Blue Mountains Explorer Tour
My husband booked this day trip and there are not enough wonderful things to say about our tour guide and the adventures we went on. Terry was very personable, genuine and very passionate about his job.

We first met Terry at the “The Rocks” where he picked up our small group of 5. This was a nice change from large excursions we were going on when we were on the cruise line. His vehicle was very comfortable and extremely clean.

Within in just a few minutes of being on Terrys tour he immediately went from stranger to friend. He showed us so many amazing out of the way places that I do not think even people who live in NSW have been to.

There were nice surprises along the way where he added his personal touch. Some of those were a lunch cooked, presented and cleaned up by Terry himself homemade for us that day. Other ones were little snacks at each stop to enjoy the culture of Sydney Australia.

A bonus was Terry is a photographer too, so if you forget your selfie-stick or do not want to ask random strangers to take pics of you, you have someone who captures moments of your trip with great professionalism and skill.

After seeing coastlines, hiking through the bush to see ancient aborigines art and hanging with hang gliders and so many other amazing things we did in a days time he then recommends a local tavern that will provide amazing food, friendly service and a nice quiet environment.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this day excursion. Glen my husband and I wish you well and thank you for providing a Day Trip of a Lifetime.
Glen & Jenny - USA
Kiama Coast Uncovered
Incredible day trip, thoughtful guide and design. I can’t say enough about how great this tour and the guide Terry are. We stopped at great destinations and got a home cooked (bbq) meal.

Terry was so thoughtful in putting the tour together and was accommodating to all requests.

I was traveling alone and he made me feel like part of the group. I saw great places, learned a bit and had fun!

I walked away with some great photography tips as well. Thank you so much for a great day.
Lindsay - USA
Kiama Coast, Bush & Coastline Tour
We had a really great day with many wonderful stops. We had a delicious barbecue.

The guide was outstanding, he often showed us hidden spots and also made sure that we were there at the right time so that we had perfect light for our photos and there were all sorts of tips and tricks on photography.

A wonderful day that ended perfectly with a walk on the beach at sunset. Thank you very much for this varied day.
Nathalie - Germany
Sydney South Coast Scenic Nature Group Tour
I had a wonderful time in Sydney and it’s largely motivated by your photography tour. I did more “homework” yesterday from the hotel window trying to capture the lightning… and more long exposures of the Sydney Harbour… I never liked my tripod so much!

What I’m trying to say is that you are a real good teacher, Terry. You taught us the principle of long exposure photography and enabled us to utilize the same formula for shooting different scenery.

I will carry on the enthusiasm back home.
Felice NY, U.S.A.
Sunset Sydney Photography Tour
Serene walk in the mountains. Full day and beautiful scenery. Just the best! This was a wonderful experience. Truly breathtaking. Exceeding any expectation my wife and I had in advance of the day. We met Terry and Steve our guides in a small group tour, personal and that is just what it is.

Another great benefit of this trip is you start at lunchtime, well behind the crowds on the coaches, you miss all of the rush hour traffic, and visit all the locations after the coach crowds have gone.

From the start, we were encouraged to chat to each other and the drive out to the mountains in a very comfortable mini van is long enough for everybody to get to know everyone else. Very inclusive.

The views of the Jamison Valley, Lincoln Lookout, Wentworth, Leura Falls, Cahill Lookout and the Three Sisters and finally Echo Point lookout are breathtaking. Lastly the sunset was beautiful, and the quiet serenity has to be heard to be believed.

“Ozzy” snacks are offered through the day but are not compulsory. Give them a go, it is part of the fun.

Being around the Three sisters at sunset, watching the sun fall onto the treetops on mountains far away whilst the dark blue valley stretches before you at echo falls is just breathtaking.

Finally dinner is served before you end your way back to Sydney with a beer if it suits. A last chance to chat further and relax after a wonderful day. You’ll get back tired and fulfilled.
David & Clare England
Blue Mountains Waterfalls, Scenery and Sunset Tour
We picked this trip over others as we wanted to be able to look back on our photos and see the beauty of the mountains.

For this you need someone who knows how to get the best from the scene; and Terry and Liam did just that for us. We were lucky enough to have a 'private' tour and these guys were fantastic. Their knowledge of the area was second to none, a slightly later start meant we missed all the crowds and their attention to their guests was first class.

Terry & Liam were happy to divert slightly from the schedule when we mentioned the bush fires. We headed for an area of total devastation and it was eerie but at the same time quite uplifting as we noticed the regrowth.

AMAZING how quick the trees were regenerating. The whole day was filled with fun, laughter, fantastic scenery and my photos were brilliant thanks to their professional advice!

Lastly, after watching the sun set, we finished off with a great meal in a pub/tavern on the way home. Brilliant day out I would thoroughly recommend. With the added bonus of some great photos.

Nicki - England
Blue Mountains Waterfalls, Scenery and Sunset Tour
This tour was amazing, the tour guide was an excellent host. We were out for 11 hours, never a dull moment, he showed us the sights all down south, we stopped at the Kiama blowhole and there he gave us free time for an hour whilst he cooked a typical Ozzie bbq. So good.

I would highly recommend this company, we actually did the Blue Mountains tour with Picture Me Sydney too.

Equally as good, really enjoyed the day. It’s a MUST when visiting Sydney Australia. The tour and tour guides are brilliant.
Tony & Pat - England
Kiama Coast, Bush & Coastline Tour
We had the most interesting day with Terry from Picture Me Sydney, driving around in a very comfortable SUV and seeing sights we might of otherwise missed if we had simply stayed with the city tours.

Not only did we get Terry's photographic expertise, we got a real insight into the many places we visited.

There were lots of beautiful highlights and stops along the way (most with washrooms) before we headed to the Kiama Blowhole where we could wander off and try some of those tips Terry gave us throughout the morning. On our return we got treated to a "Aussie BBQ" which was just yummy.
The drive back along the cost is breathtaking with stops along the way all leading to a final stop at the most beautiful beach for a walk to an aboriginal historical sight, finishing off with a final sunset walk across the sand.

It was nice that you did not need a fancy camera as they know trips and tricks for cameras even cell phone/iPad. We really did have a fantastic day that we will remember forever, O and did I mention you also get to taste some yummy treats along the way too....
Tracey & Oliver - Canada
Kiama Coast, Bush & Coastline Tour
Recently, I took a group of 24 Texas A&M University students to Australia for a study abroad trip. In looking for activities to maximize the time we had in Sydney, I came upon the "Picture Me Sydney" website and was immediately drawn to the hashtags and hotspots photo tour. I thought what better experience to give my group of college-aged influencers than a set of iconic Sydney shots that appear on Instagram feeds worldwide.
Now, we were a LARGE group and the students on my trip varied quite a bit in both their technical ability and photo equipment, but Terry Rogan and the Picture Me Sydney staff set up one of the most memorable experiences of our trip - catering to both the novice and trained photographers in our group
From the moment I contacted Terry, he was eager to offer suggestions of how to create the perfect day - responding within hours of my first email (which is VERY impressive considering there is a 16 hour time difference between Australia and Texas)!

What was even more impressive is that he was willing and able to work with a vendor who had arranged other aspects of our journey to make sure we didn't duplicate scenic stops or waste a moment of our time.
With timing in mind, EVERY ASPECT of our photo walking tour was purposefully constructed. Terry even went so far as to make lunch arrangements at a local pub so that we would have an easy place to meet, a full stomach, and a pint (or two) of courage before setting off on our journey. I was immensely impressed with his meticulous planning and hadn't even taken a single step on the journey yet.

But oh what a journey it was. Our jaws dropped when we stepped up onto a secluded hill-side to take pictures of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a view that took advantage of both the light and the vantage point. We knew we were in a "hot spot" because the only other people around were professional photographers!!! We would have NEVER found that on our own.

With professional photography in mind, even though our group possessed everything from iPhone 5's to $500 DSLR cameras, EVERYONE on the tour got personalized instructions on how to take the best pictures using the equipment they had. Terry and Alex (his partner for the day) not only showed our students how to take pictures, they also helped students POSE for pictures as well - personally taking stunning shots of our students that caused them to momentarily gasp with glee before they snapchatted it to all their very jealous friends back home.
We spent 5 hours hitting up iconic sights such as the Sydney Opera House, Botanical Gardens, and Luna Park, but my favorite time of the day was spent in "The Rocks" area as we navigated through alleyways and side streets and got photos of our group that are among my very favorite of the trip.

During this time, Terry wasn't just a tour guide - he was engaged with the students and engaged them in conversation to learn more about their interests, their purpose for wanting to travel to Australia, and their experiences back in Texas. I enjoyed the conversation with him almost as much as the photography lesson!
The tour concluded with a harbour cruise as the sun was just setting over the opera house and the bridge. Talk about a #hashtag moment there. It was surreal!
But even though our tour had ended, Terry had one more surprise for our group. He had helped us make dinner reservations at a local restaurant for our last night in the city. Even though this required a 24-hour turnaround on his part of what must have been hundreds of images, as our group arrived at the table we all had customized place settings with pictures from our day.
I was speechless at this grand gesture of gratitude No one has EVER on all of the study abroad trips I have led, gone above and beyond the way that Terry did. Students oohed and ahhed at the images and got a customized souvenir to take home with their memories of their time with "Picture Me Sydney"
Terry and his company have my very highest of recommendations for structuring what was an unbelievable photography tour and life experience.
Professor Jay - Texas University
Private customized tour
Brilliant trip from start to finish. My Mum and I booked this trip because the description made it sound like the focus of the trip was on seeing the mountains with great options to hike (nothing too strenuous) and take photos rather than being a short trip to the mountains with lots of additional trips added on (eg animal attractions etc).

We were pleasantly surprised when Terry picked us up in his very clean, comfortable and modern 'minibus' type of vehicle and we discovered that it was a small group trip. The other four people on the trip were lovely and Terry was a thoughtful, friendly and knowledgeable guide. He clearly knows a lot about Sydney, the mountains and photography (which was a passion as well as profession to him).

Throughout the trip Terry kindly gave us photography tips, took photos of the group and adapted the itinerary to suit everyone's needs as well as make the most of our day in the mountains.

The views were spectacular and we enjoyed getting out regularly at many view points as well as going on leisurely hikes at some of the viewing areas. Terry's idea to start his trips later in the day is brilliant. We avoided the hustle and bustle of the tourist trail, missed a lot of traffic in and out of the city and most importantly got to see the stunning evening sunset colours in the sky and on the mountains.

Additionally, it was really nice to do it this way as we had the opportunity to sample some Aussie delicacies (like laminations and vegemite sandwiches!) at lunch as well as having a group dinner at a pub on our way back to Sydney. Thanks for a great day out Terry and thanks for your friendly, helpful guiding.
David & Claire - England
Blue Mountains Waterfalls, Scenery and Sunset Tour
WOW, what a great day trip!!!!

Our guide Terry was such a wealth of knowledge of all the areas he took us to. Also, since we had a private tour he was willing to alter the trip route based on conversation at the early part of the trip.

The BBQ he brought for lunch was homemade and delicious!! Terry was also very willing and excited to share his tremendous knowledge of photography.

What a great plus to the tour since there where so many photo ops on it. Would highly recommend his tours!!!
Chris & Linda, San Diego USA
Kiama Coast, Bush & Coastline Tour
Terry was extremely professional and knowledgeable ....more importantly patient but a good teacher . I learnt a great deal of technical photography skills on the day which gave me the information to decide what will be right for me going ahead with my photography in the future.

The full day course was very draining as there was so much to learn .

Am taking the Night photography workshop next week so watch this space for another review.

Would highly recommend if you are thinking about learning the intricacies of taking manual photos.
Jeff - Sydney Local
Photography Masterclass
Terry brought us to places which we probably had never found as mere tourists; starting with great locations we have received fantastic coaching how to compose and how to build a convincing storyline - an immediate difference in my pictures became visible.

During the night I got trained in using super long exposure times to smoothen waters up to creating a mirror, to capture lights which the eye hardly sees and to build superb compositions using fore- and background.

All in all highly recommendable, also since Terry in his easy personal approach delivered a lot of historic side information.
John & Diane - USA
Sunset Sydney Harbour Photography Tour
This was a fantastic tour! Terry is a professional photographer so needless to say an expert. By the end of the tour, my wife was very confident in how to take a great photo because she had a solid foundation in the basics of photography.

Terry took us to well thought out spots to not only train in photography, but get iconic shots for all our friends and family to admire. He had it all perfectly planned and we got to each location just at the right time for a perfect photo.

Along the way we got Sydney historical facts and ended with a wonderful picnic just after sundown in North Sydney.

We highly recommend this tour to everyone wanting more knowledge in photography. I joined my wife on this tour and got out of it as much as she did.

Thank You Terry for a unique perspective on Sydney that we will never forget!
Carl & Freida - Germany
Sunset Sydney Photography Private Tour
I went on the sunset photo tour. Small group.

Terry was great! Good instruction and pointers, no matter what kind of camera we had. (I had a point and shoot, the two others had SLRs.) since it was my first day in Sydney I also got an intro to the city and pointers from Terry and the two others on the tour (who love here).

A wonderful way to spend the evening, and with more photo knowledge for the rest of my journey!
Karen - Switzerland
Sunset Sydney Harbour Photography Tour
Terry was an excellent tutor, he tailored the photography course exactly to my business module.

Terry went beyond my expectations with my lessons and i feel this has helped me take my business to the next level.
Kerry - Sydney Local
Private Photography Session
This is the third course I have done with Terry from NPTC, the first being the Sydney Basic Couse followed by the Sydney Sunset Tour...each course surpassing the previous one.
Terry is a great teacher who easily passes on his expertise to students with differing experience levels. He has the unique ability to be next to you when you need him and absent when you don't.
I have been taking pictures now for over 30 years and seem to learn more from Terry in a couple of hours than all those years combined.
I'm looking forward to the next course.
Steven - Sydney Local
Blue Mountains Waterfalls Tour
Terry was a fantastic teacher.

There is a lot more to know about photography them simply just pointing and shooting, although its an overwhelming amount of knowledge Terry was able to teach us all at our own pace and made sure everyone understood what they were doing.

Really enjoyed the course.
Lauren - Sydney Local
Camera Basics

You made my holiday so special. You made me feel more like a friend than the standard tourist booking a tour. The picnic at the rainforest and snacks at twilight by the harbour made you stand head and shoulders above all others.

I will be using all the photography tips you gave me here on out.

My only regret was that I did not have more time to go on more tours with you.
Cynthia- USA
Kiama Coast, Bush & Coastline Tour
We just returned from the Land Down Under and while we were there, we did the Blue Mountains, Waterfalls, Scenery & Sunset Tour with Terry.

This tour was the best part of our trip Down Under largely due to the friendship established with Terry who guided us. While down under we did quite a number of things, but this tour will be a great memory since we were treated like family. We saw quite a bit and discussed a lot of things about life and of course the great Australia.

My family will definitely return for another visit and we will seek to tour with Terry or anyone he may suggest as I’m sure he’s a busy man. The fantastic pictures Terry helped my family take will forever remind us of the wonderful day we had with him.

We saw and learned so much about photography while touring. We also discussed different cities of Australia and their history along with some great music which started in the land Down Under.

If you want a fun packed relaxing, no rush great day, you must try this tour with Terry. I give this tour the absolute highest recommendation.

The dinner was the BEST and quite the learning experience. This tour is a MUST! Terry is the BEST!
Gary, Sandy, Gary, Jeanna - USA
Blue Mountains, Waterfalls, Scenery & Sunset Tour
If you are looking for a fantastic time out and wanting to learn more about photography, go no further! This was a fantastic experience for me and my partner, as we had learnt so much in the time we had with Terry.

He not only taught us how to take a fantastic shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, we learnt how the different light changes the effects of your photograph.

Terry really looked after us during the course and he even provided us with some extra information about fantastic places around Sydney.

We believe this course was well worth the money spent and you won't be disappointed with Terry's professionalism, enthusiasm and experience in photography.

We would do this course again in a heartbeat!
Edward & Sue - Sydney Locals
Photography Masterclass
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