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What is team building and why is it important?

Picture Me can help your business building effective teams and teamwork with our bespoke, full or half day, team building programmes. We focus on corporate team building activities in the form of workshops that include practical activities designed to bring out the best in your team with a fun, purposeful style.

Corporate team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. They will expand current thinking and promote better communication between your personnel. We can help you craft a session that not only builds stronger bonds within your team but also uncover their real potential. We blend fun, creative team building activities with your corporate priorities to help build a great team culture.

What is the purpose of team building activities?

This is a compelling people experience that searches for honesty and accountability. This program is not a time out, warm and fuzzy but rather a call to refresh and revitalize how we do, what we do. Photography is a metaphor for work. We need a clear vision of what we see, focus on the details and then press the button to take action.

Accredited training and coaching facilitator

Terry Rogan has been a change coach, training facilitator, industry presenter and delivered sales training to SME that increased sales and attitudinal change. With a strong passion for retail excellence, customer focus and personal responsibility our past clients have enjoyed critical cultural change that was driven from within. Good facilitators know how to generate the ideas funnel and uncover hidden talents.

The personnel create the environment and culture that delivers the daily workday experience and ultimately an effective business.

How can you build capability in a team?

There is unknown potential, opportunities and energy within your staff. We help breakdown the barriers to unleash their potential and harness the talents of your team. Team building in today’s workplace has never been so important. There are less people employed in the team thus each person becomes more vital and the chain more fragile should someone become disaffected or leave.

Practical team building activity ideas for outdoor or classroom activities

Picture Me Sydney has a number of workshop ideas that will benefit your corporate team building. We release your staff’s initiative and opportunity to express themselves with practical, outdoor and classroom based activities. We offer Sales Success, Customer Service Excellence, Focus on Details and a selection of team building with purpose activities.

Let us customise a one off program or support for your conference agenda.

Obligation free discussion available

Frequently asked questions about our team building activities

Where are Picture Me Corporate Team Building Activities conducted?

We use selected harbour foreshore outdoor locations for our range of corporate team building activities. We can also recommend a number of specific training venues or can attend team building activities for corporate events or your workplace as required


How long to the team building activities go for?

For corporate team building activities we recommended a minimum three hour session or sessions integrated into your corporate event or conference.

What are some examples of the team building activities Picture Me conducts?

Focus – a practical photography activity

Individual and Collective Thinking – an exercise to observe how we communicate, listen and respect


Why is team building an important aspect of change management?

We are creatures of habit and change creates uncertainty which can lead to reduced confidence and insecurity. One of the many benefits of our corporate team building is to help individuals realize they have each other’s back and can support each other.

Why is team building important in an organisation?

Less people are now employed in the team thus each person becomes more vital & the chain more fragile should someone become disaffected or leave. Negative bias or unresolved issues can impact on individual and group performance.


How can you build confidence in your team?

There are three critical elements to build confidence in your team. Firstly all staff must want to be a part of that team. Secondly there must be clear, shared communications between the team about the goals and how they will be achieved.Finally progress must be reported in an understandable way via regular communication with positive feedback and public recognition.

How can you build a team for business?

Everyone must have a role and responsibilities. Everyone must have measurable and attainable benchmarks of performance.Everyone must share the vision and work constructively to that vision.


What does team building accomplish?

Mutual respect, open discussion in a safe and unbias environment that enhances the corporate culture and personal productivity. Team building reduces downtime and staff churn or can expose those that are there for the wrong reasons.

How to build a great team culture?

Team building is not a pill that will suddenly fix a problem. Creating a good team culture requires a detailed plan that balances the individuals needs with those of the company. Develop systems, procedures and be be prepared to acknowledge and adapt with change.

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